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By Lise Fontaine

ISBN-10: 0521190665

ISBN-13: 9780521190664

A pragmatic step by step advent to the research of English grammar, this publication leaves the reader convinced to take on the demanding situations analysing grammar may possibly pose. the 1st textbook to take an built-in method of functionality and constitution in grammatical research, it permits scholars to construct event, talents and self assurance in operating with grammar. The cutting edge, hybrid procedure combines an advent to systemic useful idea with an effective grounding in grammatical constitution. The e-book ways grammar in an incremental approach, permitting scholars to increase grammatical ability in levels. it really is of specific worth to these commencing to paintings with practical grammar however it is usually suitable for knowledgeable readers who're drawn to constructing a extra systematic method of grammatical research.

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In discussing what it is for a word to be a noun, we’ve also seen examples that illustrate how nouns behave. There are three main ways in which we can readily identify a noun. 1. g. evaluation – evaluations). 2. g. the apple – an apple). 3. g. the juicy apple – the red apple in the fridge). 2 Pronouns Usually the class of pronouns is included in the word class of noun but this hides a major difference in how they work in the language. Clearly, there are significant similarities in terms of how they are used by speakers but pronouns are not simply another kind of noun.

8 Conjunctions The class of conjunctions forms a relatively small set of words which serve to link or connect words, groups and clauses. They all work and behave in a very similar way. g. to group together as with and, or to contrast or exclude as with or) as in the following examples. c Conjoining words: I like [dogs] and [cats]. c Conjoining groups: I only read [historical novels] or [trashy magazines]. c Conjoining clauses: [I like John] but [he doesn’t like me]. g. suffixes) as is possible with nouns, verbs, and adjectives and adverbs.

C Can the word be made comparative, as in quicker, happier, faster, more quickly? 6 Prepositions Prepositions are words that typically indicate direction of some kind usually in relation to a nominal group, such as in the box, on the table, behind the chair, around the tree. They sometimes appear on their own without the nominal group to indicate the direction or location: for example, I’ll take this coffee up to my father now. Prepositions combine with other words such as nouns and verbs to create new words, such as upstairs, back-up or understand.

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