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The authors mentioned above fail to mention (and therefore explain) that although stacking is acceptable in imperatives, it cannot occur in finite clauses (see (9c)). Pullum (1990 : 226) suggests that another syntactic distinction is that the first verb in fake coordination can take a complement whereas go in go get cannot. The extraction in (10c) is intended to demonstrate that (10b) is a case of fake rather than ordinary coordination. (10) a. b. c. d. e. Go and read something. Go away and read something.

De gezichten waren toen AL NET NIET MEER te herkennen. ’ With nog altijd lang niet in (10a) the reference time is far before the beginning (the contribution of lang), and the course of events lacks both speed and progress (the contribution of altijd). For al net niet meer in (10b) the addition of net indicates that the reference time is just beyond the ending and the addition of al signals a course of events with fast progress. The table in Table 4 below summarizes the values for the different parametres, and reflects the growing semantic complexity ranging from three to six parametres.

2004). Temporal reasoning with aspectual adverbials, Linguistics and Philosophy 27/2 : 209-262. Van Baar, T. (1990). The Dutch Perspectivity Particles in FG (Working Papers in Functional Grammar 36), Amsterdam : Universiteit van Amsterdam. Van Baar, T. (1991). Adverbs and Particles of Change and Continuation outside Europe, in : J. van der Auwera, (ed), Adverbs and Particles of Change and Continuation (EUROTYP Working Papers, Volume 2), Strasbourg : European Science Foundation, 117-130. Van Baar, T.

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