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By R. C. Sheppard

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Professional Periodical reviews offer systematic and designated evaluate insurance of growth within the significant parts of chemical study. Written through specialists of their professional fields the sequence creates a special carrier for the lively learn chemist, providing typical severe in-depth debts of development particularly components of chemistry.

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Clin. , 1974,27, 377; T. K. Bell, D. A. Boyle. D. A. D. Montgomery, and S. J. Todd, J. Clin. , 1974, 27, 372. D. Watson, S. Lees, and J. E. H. Stafford, Ann. Clin. , 1974,11, 1. 2 Structural Investigations of Peptides and Proteins BY J. BRIDGEN, 1. D. WALKER, J. E. WALKER, H. MUIRHEAD, AND R. H. Icatim by J. Bridgen, I. D. Walker, and J. E. Walker 1 Introduction In this article, the seventh of the series, we have for the first time attempted a complete compilation of every amino-acid sequence published during 1974 as well as including large sections on protein characterization and chemical modification.

Pam, Chromatographia, 1974, 7, 283. T. Nambara, J. Goto, K. Taguchi, and T. Iwata, J. , 1974, 100, 180. H. Iwase and A. Murai, Chem. and Pharm. (Japan), 1974,22, 8, 1455. H. Iwase, Chem. and Pharm. Bull. (Jupan), 1974, 22, 2075. H. Iwase, Chem. and Pharm. Bull. (Japan), 1974, 22, 1663. H. E. Eick, P. H. Ward,and B. Kassell, Analyt. , 1974,59,482. P . L. Y. Lee, Biochem. , 1974,10, 107. J. Oulevey and R. Heitefuss, J. , 1974, 94, 283. C. Dennison, J . , 1974, 89, 84. R. W. Longton, V. J. Berzinskas, A.

Mattice, Biopolymers, 1974, 13, 169. 17@ G. M. Crippen and J. T. Yang, J. Phys. , 1974,78, 1127. 180 T. Polonski, A. Chimiak, and M. Kochman, Tetrahedron, 1974, 30, 641. -The two categories into which mass spectrometric studies of amino-acids might be divided, one covering interpretation of fragmentation modes, the other dealing with analytical applications, are both represented this year. The mass spectra of dimethyl glutamate and its deuteriated derivatives 181 indicate sequential loss of MeOCO and MeOH giving a prominent m/e 116 peak, and base peak m/e 84, respectively, the latter being formed by hydrogen transfer from C-3 with the formation of a protonated pyrrol-5(4H)-one.

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