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By Fred R.T. Nelson and Carolyn Taliaferro Blauvelt (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0723436584

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2 The genetic basis of allergy and asthma John W Holloway and Stephen T Holgate DEFINITION Allergic diseases cluster in families indicating an important role for susceptibility genes. Multiple genes interact with environmental factors to generate the different allergic phenotypes. Introduction In the twentieth century, a major theme in biomedical science was the ‘nature vs nurture debate’. For most phenotypes and disease it is now recognized that both factors play an important role and it is the interaction between these factors that determines an individual’s susceptibility to disease.

Vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1)], as well as to receptors in the extracellular matrix (the CS-1 region of fibronectin). The α4 integrins support firm adhesion of leukocytes to VCAM-1, and can also support leukocyte rolling on endothelium in vivo. 23 1 Introduction to mechanisms of allergic disease β Ligand binding site The immunoglobulin superfamily of endothelial cell expressed adhesion molecules α Divalent cation binding sites Divalent cation binding sites NH2 Cysteine-rich repeats NH2 S S Membrane COOH Transmembrane domain COOH Cytoplasmic domains Fig.

What targeting eosinophils has taught us about their role in diseases. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2010; 126:16–25. Finkelman FD, Hogan SP, Hershey GKK, et al. Importance of cytokines in murine allergic airway disease and human asthma. J Immunol 2010; 184:1663–1674. Geissmann F, Manz MG, Jung S, et al. Development of monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells. Science 2010: 327:656–661. Gould HJ, Sutton BJ. IgE in allergy and asthma today. Nat Rev Immunol 2008; 8:205–217. Hotchkiss RS, Strasser A, McDunn JE, et al.

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