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By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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57) . , where m is the mass of the aircraft, p is the air density, S the wing area, and the suffix e refers to the constant datum value (in the initial steady f l i g h t ) . NON-DIMENSIONAL AERODYNAMIC DERIVATIVES p o o o (LONGITUDINAL) o o o o o o o We see that the aerodynamic derivatives X , X , X{j, X , Z , Z , Z , Zq, M , M , M^, u w q u w w u w M occur in the equations of longitudinal symmetric motion. 60) Z« = Z / | p K S . 62) 6 )3 - where e is the mean aerodynamic chord of the wing length in longitudinal stability a n a l y s i s ) .

0, Oz all lie in the same plane, the components of if; about Oy, 0z , 2 Ox, Oy and Oz are -if; sin 9 , 2 if; cos 9 sin cf), if; cos 9 cos (j). 17) But we have defined the components of angular velocity of the axes Oxyz as p , q and r about Ox, Oy, Oz respectively. Therefore from Eqs. 19) v = - 9 sin (j> + if; cos 9 cos (j). 20) Now for small disturbances, 9 , (f) and if; will all be small quantities of the first order, and, as above, w e take p , q and r (and 9 , <}) and if;) to be small quantities of the first order compared with U .

4 . 6 ) , at an incidence a in steady straight flight with no rate of roll, a is the incidence of the mean zero lift line of the wing, and is taken to be small. We take the origin 0 in the root chord EF (the centre section of the X x being along the direction of motion in w i n g ) , and perpendicular axes O xyz x 9 0x steady flight. e. X E0 X = \EF) and we suppose that the lift of any chordwise strip of the wing acts as the quarter chord point of the local chord. We assume that the locus of these quarter chord points (the quarter chord line) has no sweep.

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