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19 Non-prototypical constructions 23 Nor is it required that an elaboration site be a focal participant. An e-site, defined as a substructure corresponding to the profile of the other component, need not even be particularly salient within the elaborated structure. An example is the compound woman smart, which is made-up but perfectly natural and wellformed. I interpret it as meaning ‘smart in regard to women’. We know that people often exhibit intelligence with respect to certain topics but not others.

15. Each component structure profiles a thing, these things correspond, and both correspond to the composite structure profile. 15 In cases like (6), we could make either of two terminological decisions: to say that both component structures are heads, or that neither is (since neither functions uniquely as profile determinant). I tend to follow the latter practice, essentially arbitrarily. I make the same terminological choice in the situation where the composite structure profile conflates the profiles of its components, none of which is thus equivalent to it taken individually.

However, while the two clauses combine as wholes, their integration hinges specifically on a correspondence between the landmark of the relative and the main clause trajector. Owing to this correspondence, the relative functions to describe the boy, which is identified as the semantic object of like. This is not a canonical modifying construction, since the head – which is the full main clause, the boy finally called – does not per se elaborate the landmark of the relative. The semantic effect of modification is nonetheless achieved.

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