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The sequence is a platform for contributions of all types to this swiftly constructing box. normal difficulties are studied from the viewpoint of person languages, language households, language teams, or language samples. Conclusions are the results of a deepened examine of empirical facts. exact emphasis is given to little-known languages, whose research may perhaps shed new gentle on long-standing difficulties quite often linguistics.

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I haven't seen him since the party began. c. I haven't seen him since. This makes traditional accounts immediately inferior to generative theory as "Clearly, any Theory of Categories which sees the three uses of words like since, before and after as systematically related and can provide a unitary account of them is to be preferred to an atomistic approach (like that of traditional grammarians) . . " (Radford 1988: 135). In essence, the state of the art concerning the status of adverbial subordinators in generative theory, including Rauh (1993), can be characterized as follows.

2); (ii) the claim that the same holds for uses of adverbial subordinators on different levels of discourse (cf. 3); (iii) the claim that, on the strength of the two previous claims, there is evidence for a subordination — coordination continuum (cf. g. Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Japanese).

Finally, using statistical means, such a balance between form and meaning has also been claimed by Zipf (1949) in his well-known Principle of Economical Abbreviation and the Principles constituting the Law of Diminishing Returns, which "are all constantly operating simultaneously for the preservation of a dynamic equilibrium with a maximum of economy" (1949: 121). , there is a tendency for old age, small si%e, versatility of meaning, and a multipliâty of permutational associations— all to be directly correlated with high frequency of usage [sic]" (1949: 121).

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