Advances in Catalysis, Vol. 32 - download pdf or read online

By D.D. Eley, Herman Pines, Paul B. Weisz (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120078325

ISBN-13: 9780120078325

Considering 1948, this serial has sought to fill the distance among the papers and the textbooks that train the varied parts of catalysis learn. This quantity comprises articles at the functions of adsorption microcalorimetry and natural syntheses utilizing aluminosilicates.

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CHE AND A. J. TENCH While the two oxygens appear equivalent in solution (102b),they become inequivalent when the solution is frozen (49). The discussion of the hyperfine tensor has indicated clearly that the analysis of the hyperfine pattern has been very valuable in developing an understanding of the adsorbed oxygen ion. On balance, in the oxide systems it would seem preferable to use the term superoxide rather than peroxide or peroxy for 0;. Overall, the picture is largely consistent with an ionic model for 0; on surfaces.

CHE AND A. J. 10. The EPR spectrum of 0;ion on 9SMo0,/Si0, at 77 K showing the superhyperfine interaction with the Mo ion ( I O Y ) . of 0; is 5% localized in the Al atom orbital on AlSb (47)and 23% localized in the Ga atom orbital on GaAs (113, 114), whereas on oxide surfaces the figures are generally smaller (118). These latter figures are consistent with the spin densities obtained from the "0 hyperfine tensor (Tables I11 and IV). In addition to the nature of the cation at the adsorption site, the superhyperfine tensor can also give information on neighboring atoms further away.

4. Optical Properties An absorption band in the UV results from a transition between the o g and the 7cg orbitals of 0; (Fig. 2). For 0; in the alkali halides, this band is centered at about 5 eV ( f 2 2 , 123) and detailed measurements of the stress dependence have been carried out (69h). A yellow luminescence in alkali halides has been known for many years (124) but was not identified as originating from 0; until 1961 (122). At low temperature, the emission spectrum in both alkali halides (125)and sodalites (126)shows a number of sharp zero phonon transitions between 400 and 600 nm; the spacing of these lines corresponds to the ground-state vibrational frequency of the 0; ion.

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