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Grammar of the Tibetan language, literary and colloquial; - download pdf or read online

Grammar of the Tibetan language literary and colloquial. В книге широко представлена литературная и разговорная грамматика тибетского языка.

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Over the last twenty-five years, Ray Jackendoff has investigated many advanced concerns in syntax, semantics, and the relation of language to different cognitive domain names. He steps again during this new publication to survey the wider theoretical panorama in linguistics, in an try to determine the various assets of the generally perceived malaise with appreciate to a lot present theorizing.

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Locality is a key idea not just in linguistic theorizing, yet in explaining development of acquisition and styles of restoration in backyard direction sentences, besides. If syntax relates sound and that means over an unlimited area, syntactic dependencies and operations needs to be limited in this sort of approach to follow over restricted, finite domain names in an effort to be detectable in any respect (although after all they are allowed to iterate indefinitely).

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CAUSAL. 208. , because. rh>rh>vXrh>vX, because. ow;'D;, because. , I cannot buy a jacket because my money is scant. HYPOTHETICAL. 209. wkR, when. wkRrh>, if. rh>, if. In this sense rh> stands immediately after the subject. See § 223. , though, stands, in this sense, at the end of the clause it modifies. 'D;) ,uyORtDRvDR, Although the price is high, I shall buy it. 'D;, nevertheless. TELIC. 210. vX, that. See § 220. 'fod;<'fod;'D;, in order that. See § 225, 226. COMPARATIVE. 211. The preposition 'f, governing the secondary noun od;, performs the function of a comparative conjunction.

Wvdm, not only so. wrh>xJ, not only so. ADVERSATIVE. 205. rhrh> (at the beginning of a clause) but. 'D;, but. 'D;, or else. , either -- or. , either -- or. *hR==*hR, either -- or. *hR*hR==*hR*hR, either -- or. wuh>, Buy me either a fowl or a duck. ILLATIVE. 206. 'D;, and a few other phrases, take the place of the illative conjunction therefore. 207. The temporal adverbs wkREkRwpk Rwpk and wkREkRwbs RwbsD, then, sometimes have the force of illative conjunctions. CAUSAL. 208. , because. rh>rh>vXrh>vX, because.

175. uvJm, greatly, tgtguvJm, much. 176. , I do not like it a bit. 177. The following adverbs are intensive; r;< uX< e; (used with adjectives denoting disagreeable sensations), and udm (used with adjectives denoting smallness or fewness). 178. , moderately. 179. C. qd;, too. ADVERBS OF COMPARISON. 180. uwdRyHR,DR'fod;od;'D;ySRunDvDR, He speaks Burmese equally with Karen. 181. , A teacher should not judge his pupils unequally. INTERROGATIVE ADVERBS. 182. , whither. 183. , I cannot tell whence he comes.

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