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A Concise German Grammar goals to equip undergraduates with a entire but compact account of German grammar. This publication is obvious and available and includes many energetic examples of contemporary German utilization. it truly is a vital and helpful reference for college kids of German, from senior secondary tuition throughout to the top of college reviews and past.

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G . ihmter Komponisten the works of several! g. manche reiche(n) Leute some rich people. (ii) To adjectives following aile all (the) weak endings are added: aile guten Nachschlagewerke all good reference works die Ansichten aller auslandischen Studenten the views of all foreign students Seide both and samtliche all (the) are usually followed by adjectives with weak endings, but strong endings sometimes occur. g. g . ) nichts Gutem . POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES The possessive adjectives are: meln my, dein yaur (familiar form), sein / ihr/sein his/her/its, Ihr your, unser our, euer your {familiar form, plural) and ihr their; they are declined like kein (p.

Jahrhundert in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. g. i n der Morgen. g. ein Dutzend Eier kostet 5 Mark a dozen eggs cost 5 marks, ei ne riesige Menge Menschen war(en) versammelt a huge crowd of people was gathered (war stresses the collective presence of the crowd, waren emphasizes the people concerned). g. die USA haben den Vertrag ratifizie rt the USA has ratified the treaty; the corresponding personal pronoun is therefore sie (plural), translated by it, she. g. seine groBe Leidenschaft sind Schmetterlinge his great passian is butterflies.

I) . g. der Arm arm I Arme, der Arzt doctor I Arzte, der B/lum tree I Bjume, der Fisch (ish I Fischl". g. die Angst feor; anxiety / Angste, die Frucht fruit I Fruchte, die Gans goose I Ganse, die Nac ht night I Nachte, (c) some NUITEIi. g. das Boot boaf f Boote, das Jahr yeor f Jahre, das Pferd horse I Pferde, das Spiel gerne I Spiele. (ii) ·en or ·n: (a) most fE MININES: 1. g. g. ungen; 2. g. die Blume flower I Blumen, die Farbe colour; paint I Farben, die Minute minute / Mlnuten, die Schwalbe swallow I Schwalben.

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