New PDF release: 1001 Chemicals in Everyday Products

By Grace Ross Lewis

ISBN-10: 0471292125

ISBN-13: 9780471292128

There's a digital laboratory of chemical substances within the meals we devour and the goods we stumble upon each dayat domestic, in school, and at paintings. What are those ingredients and the way are they used? How are they useful? Can they be destructive?

listed here are speedy, hands-on solutions to those and different an important questions about countless numbers of chemicals we come into touch with regularly. From MSG in meals to perchloroethylene in dry cleansing, this AZ advisor presents transparent, no-nonsense info at the use and healthiness results of enormous quantities of chemical substances present in nutrients, medications, cosmetics, cleansing ideas, garden and backyard items, and extra. Well-organized and easy-to-use, it offers the assistance you must make smarter offerings concerning the items you choosefor your self and your family.  within 1,001 chemical substances in daily items you will find:

-Entries directory items, makes use of, precautions, and synonyms -Direct solutions to over 250 commonly asked questions about daily chemical compounds -Handy product and chemical synonym indexes -A national directory of Poison regulate facilities

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Combustible. Synonyms: CHLOROPHENE ♦ SANTOPHEN ♦ SEPTIPHENE ♦ 4-CHLORO-α-PHENYL-o-CRESOL Benzyl Cinnamate Products and Uses: Frequently found in fruit-scented perfumes and flavors as a flavoring and odorant. An ingredient that affects the taste or smell of the final product. Precautions: In large amounts it is moderately toxic by swallowing. A mild allergen and skin irritant. Synonyms: CAS: 103-41-3 ♦ BENZYL ALCOHOL CINNAMIC ESTER ♦ BENZYLγ-PHENYLACRYLATE ♦ CINNAMEIN ♦ trans♦ 3-PHENYL-2-PROPENOIC ACID PHENYLMETHYL ESTER (9CI) CINNAMIC ACID BENZYL ESTER p-Benzylphenol Products and Uses: Commonly used in soaps and cleansers as an antiseptic and germicide.

These combinations have caused heart attacks, strokes, and nerve damage as well as death in some individuals. 12. What is chitin? It is a substance found naturally in the shells of crustaceans, such as crab, shrimp, and lobster. It is also found in the exoskeleton of marine zooplankton, such as coral and jellyfish. Insects also have chitin in their wings. Examples would be butterflies and ladybugs. The cell walls of mushroom and other fungi contain this also. This substance is used in food, cosmetics, and biomedicine.

Precautions: A possible allergen. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to the development of resistant strains of antibiotics. Some antibiotics enter humans via the food chain. Antibiotics from cattle that have been treated with antibiotic medication and slaughtered too early can reach the consumer. The same can happen with milk cows that have had udder infections. Synonyms: AS ABOVE. Antimony Trisulfide Products and Uses: In matches and camouflage paints. As a coloring agent in fireworks. Precautions: Blood and gastrointestinal (stomach and digestive) effects by breathing.

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